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Terms of Use for Prodigy Prompt:

  1. Prodigy Prompt is a tool designed to assist users in writing reports by generating example sections based on their unique and personal research question.

  2. The examples provided by Prodigy Prompt are intended to be used as a guide or reference to help improve the user's work and understanding of the subject. They should not be submitted as the user's own work, as this constitutes plagiarism.

  3. Prodigy Prompt is intended to be used as a tool to aid the research and writing process, not to replace it. Users will be given step-by-step instructions on how each section should be written.

  4. Prodigy Prompt is not responsible for the accuracy of the content generated. Users should use their own judgement and verify any information provided by the tool.

  5. Prodigy Prompt aims to deliver all examples within a reasonable time frame, however, late delivery may occur due to system or technical issues.

  6. Prodigy Prompt is not liable for not getting the example to them within a given time frame.

  7. Prodigy Prompt's customer support team is available during normal business hours.

  8. Prodigy Prompt is not liable for any damages resulting from the use of the service.

  9. Prodigy Prompt has been developed independently of any educational institutions and is not endorsed by them.

  10. The user should not share the generated examples with others or distribute them in any way.

  11. The user should not use the generated examples for any commercial or non-educational purposes.

  12. Prodigy Prompt reserves the right to terminate the user's access to the service if they violate any of the terms of use.

  13. Prodigy Prompt may collect data about the user's use of the service for research and development purposes, but will not share any personally identifiable information with third parties without the user's consent.

  14. Prodigy Prompt may make updates or changes to the service at any time without notice.

  15. The user should regularly check for updates to the terms of use, as continued use of the service after any changes are made will be considered acceptance of the updated terms.

  16. Prodigy Prompt does not guarantee that the service will be available at all times and will not be liable for any temporary interruptions in service.

  17. The user must be above a certain age to use the service and should not use it if they are not old enough.

  18. The user should read the privacy policy in order to understand how the service uses the personal data collected and the security measures in place to protect it.

  19. The user is responsible for complying with all laws, regulations, and policies related to the use of the service.

  20. The user must not use the service to break the law or encourage others to do so.

  21. The user must not use the service to engage in any illegal or fraudulent activities.

  22. The user must not use the service to engage in any activities that could harm the service or other users.

By using Prodigy Prompt, you agree to these terms of use. We reserve the right to update these terms of use at any time, and your continued use of the service will indicate your acceptance of any changes.

Our Story

Prodigy Prompt was created with a mission to find a way to make the process of completing internal assessment coursework for the International Baccalaureate easier and more efficient for students. We know firsthand the struggles students face while working on their coursework. Prodigy Prompt was born to help make the process more manageable.

Our Vision

At Prodigy Prompt, our vision is to change the way students approach their internal assessment coursework for the International Baccalaureate. We strive to empower students to become confident, independent learners by providing tailored and efficient assistance. Our ultimate goal is to help IB students worldwide improve their grades and reduce stress through personalized assistance.


Prodigy Prompt is designed to provide tailored assistance to IB students worldwide, specific to their personal research question and specific needs. Our technology is designed to make the process of completing internal assessment coursework more efficient and effective for IB students. We believe in providing students with examples that are tailored to their needs, rather than a one size fits all approach.

Who are we

"The game changing tool you'll need to survive the IB"

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